Monday, February 8, 2010

Blizzard of 2010

All around us is a winter wonderland - something rather unusual for the National Capital area. You have probably heard the news that we are snowed in with almost 3 feet of snow here in the DC area. Snowmageddon, as some are calling it, has provided us with at least 1.5 days of leave. With the weather forecast calling for another 10 - 20 inches for tomorrow, we just might be in for some more holidays this week.

While three feet may not sound like a lot of snow to our friends and family up North, it was enough to paralyze the DC area, which does not have the infrastructure or equipment to handle this kind of accumulation. We were, fortunately, not among
the many who have lost power. The only inconvenience for us is that the roads have not been sufficiently plowed, and the grocery stores don’t appear to have had deliveries since last Thursday, making it difficult to buy bread, milk, fresh meat and vegetables.

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