Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kaito goes to Asakusa

This afternoon the three of us went to Asakusa to see the sights. We weren't the only ones!

Here we are walking out of the train station.  Follow along!

Here we are getting ready to cross the street.  Notice the Tokyo Sky Tree in the background
(and the Panda Bus!)

Here's Kaito crossing the street to check out the Senso-ji Temple.

Here's the Gate of Thunder (entrance to the Temple) in the old town section of Tokyo, Asakusa.

The place was packed out!

There were street vendors galore setup especially for the on-going New Year's celebration.  They were selling everything from chocolate covered bananas to deep fried potatos to more traditional Japanese meals like yaki-tori (chicken on a skewer), yakisoba (noodles & vegetables) and oden (some sort of soup). That's octopus in the nearest container in the photo!

Here we are enjoying some yakitori. (The seats were a little close!)

More people and shops.

Headed back to the Train station.

Check out this light-pole!

Chillin back at the hotel.


  1. Love the pics of the scenery...but I demand more of Kaito, please!! He looks like a very content baby...

  2. We were looking into adoption from Japan and was running into the same problem as you with ppl saying it was impossible to you had to live in Japan a year or more.. Than I ran across the same agency you used and seen there program for Japan... After researching adoptions in Japan I ran across your blog!! I find that too be very weird.. :) But all and all how long did it take you to receive your child and would recommend your agency you used? I'm guessing yes by reading your blog! Thanks so much for blogging about this.. :)

    1. Hi gypsy. Sorry, we are just seeing your comment now. We are glad you came across the blog! From start to finish it took us about 2 and a half years. It was a long wait but well worth it, beyond what words can express.